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Finding My Purpose

May 3, 2019

God made each of us unique, and that pleased HIm greatly.  He gave each of us our own special abilities, and our own special personality.  He also put us in the particular place and time where we live.  If we are sincere in wanting to please him, we have to first know him.  Jesus taught us  most clearly what God is like, and of course, Jesus is God himself.  By reading the New Testament and learning what Jesus taught and said, we get a good general idea about what he wants his loved ones to be doing.  Then look at the people and situations all around you.  What do you see that Jesus might want you to do?  What are you good at?  What are you passionate about?  What can you do that is pleasing to Jesus and that not everybody else can do?  We tend to think of one great overarching purpose for ourselves, some singular calling.  But Jesus often calls us to very different things at different times in our lives.  It will often be something we are talented at doing, and something we are passionate about.  Often it is something that comes out of our own life experience.  For instance, people who have been through a particular kind of trouble and have been helped often are passionate about helping someone going through the same thing.

I hope these ideas help get you started in your prayerful search.  Don’t worry about it.  Jesus loves you too much to let you  miss out on something He knows is right for you.  He’ll make sure you find it.