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Feeling Overwhelmed

June 5, 2019

We all have seasons in our lives when our problems seem overwhelming, and more than we can bear.  That is when our faith is tested most, and as several writers of the New Testament say, our faith has to be exercised to be strong.

What can you do?  First, get as many good believing friends as possible to pray for you.  If you can only share certain problems with certain people, thats ok.  Just try to share all the problems with other believers.  Prayer is powerful.

Then cast the problems on Jesus.  He has told us to cast our burdens on him and take his yoke on ourselves.  What that means is getting into the harness next to Jesus.  Because He is strong, He will bear what we cannot.  And when you cast your problems on Jesus, be sure to let him work on them.  Only do what he shows you to do, but don’t keep worrying.  That’s like giving him something to fix, and then constantly taking it back because you can’t trust him to do it right.  That’s kind of insulting when you think about it (although all of us do it)  Really work at not taking back the problems.

Lets pray:  “Dear Lord, I am feeling overwhelmed right now and at the end of my rope.  I know if I run out of rope and fall, you will catch me.  You are so strong and so all knowing, you can do incredible things if I truly let you do them.  You can change people and  many circumstances when I ask you, and so I am asking you to change all the things that are out of my control because I can’t change them.  Then, Lord, show me things I don’t know,  show me things I wouldn’t know I can do, and give me strength to do them even if they are out of my comfort zone.  You will help me.  I ask these things in the powerful name of Jesus, the name by which prayers are answered and miracles happen.  Amen.”