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How Do I Know God is Speaking to Me

January 12, 2020

It would be nice if we could say God always does certain things, and if you see those things you will know.  However, God works in many ways, and different ways with different people.

Some people hear God speak in an audible voice.  However that is pretty rare.  Some people see a vision of Jesus.  That is also rare.  Most of us have thoughts come into our minds that we know didn’t originate with us.  And this is how God usually speaks to us.

If a thought is from God it will have certain characteristics:

It will always involve doing something good

It will be a thought that keeps coming back

It will always agree with what the bible says

It often will involve some giving on your part

It won’t be about building you up

It won’t be about gain for you

It will stand up when you discuss it with mature believers.

You may find favorable circumstances for the thing you are to do.

I would add that when you begin to do the thing you believe God has asked of you, you  may face some obstacles.  That doesn’t mean you heard God wrong.  It more likely means He wants you to depend on Him.  Talk to Jesus and ask Him what He is showing you.

No matter what happens, if you step out in good faith, God will use whatever happens for your good.  In that sense, you can’t make an honest mistake.

Too often, what we are hearing is our own desire, not God, but you can tell because there will be an element of pride and selfishness in it.  You won’t want to give up the idea even if other mature believers tell you it seems unwise.  You will have a possessiveness about the idea, instead of holding it loosely waiting for confirmation it is what God wants.

The other thing that often happens is the idea is from God, but it seems too hard or too far out of our comfort zone, and we want it not to be from God.  If the idea is from God it will persist.  If you persist in putting it off, God will stop asking, but you may one day regret the opportunity you declined.

I hope these thoughts give you some sense of when God is speaking.  If you think God is speaking to you and you’re pretty sure about it, take it to other mature Christians and see if they agree.