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Abortion debates

August 21, 2012

People have asked my take on Akin, abortion and that whole argument.  I’m sorry, but I can’t have a rational debate on the pros and cons of abortion.  Let me tell you why…

When I was a young woman, a 21 year old nurse, I was assigned the job of basically cleaning up after abortion.  Part of my job was to account for the “remains”.  It was so horrible, grotesque, ugly and traumatic, I didn’t last long.  A big part of me wishes I had quit the first day.  I felt the guilt of even being associated with something so wrong.  To ask me to have a civilized debate about abortion is akin to asking troops responsible for the body bags to have a discussion about the theory of “just” war.  They just can’t do it.  I can see absolutely nothing good in abortion.  I admit there may be some hard cases where it is deemed necessary, but it is still bad.  Its like shooting someone coming at you with a knife.  You acted in self defense, but you can’t call the shooting good.  Neither can the person who has to take out the body. 

Ironically, about four years later I worked on the mental health unit and had as patients two of the abortion provider physicians.  They were being treated for suicidal depression.