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A Prayer When We Fail

October 14, 2018

“Lord Jesus, you know us so well.  How perfectly you understand us and know what is best for us at all times.  We get so discouraged at our repeated failures to be all you made us to be and all we want to be for you.  Help us get up again when we fall, to keep growing and keep moving forward.  Help us to know we aren’t only not to judge others, but we aren’t even qualified to judge ourselves.  All we can do is keep going, and to keep trying.  We need you so much Jesus.  Keep on working in us to make us perfect for you, even if we can’t see the progress ourselves.  Keep our eyes on you, not on our past failures.  Help us remember that some day we will be perfect.  We will be changed as a result of seeing you face to face.  Help us look forward always to that day.  We love you Jesus–so much!  Amen.”

Prayer of Blessing for a House

October 9, 2018

“Dear Jesus, this house is dedicated to you, for your service.  Please feel welcome as you live here among us.  Help us to bring inside this house, only things that please you.  Help the words spoken here be pleasing to you.  Let the books, movies and articles we bring into this house please you.  Enter each room, Jesus, and sanctify it by your Holy Presence.  Let the people who enter this house feel our love, and yours.  Let each one be blessed.  Let any evil which seeks a dwelling here be kept away by the wall of your protection.  Let any lingering evil be banished by the sight of you.  I ask cleansing, protection and blessing in the powerful name of Jesus.  For in the name of Jesus, demons have to flee, and in the name of Jesus, prayers are answered.  Amen”