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A Prayer When Overwhelmed

April 28, 2019

Sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed by problems, by lack of what we need, by too much to do and not enough time, by relationships that just can’t ever seem to get right, and so on.  When I find myself in these situations, if I stop and think about it, I am trying to solve my problems.  In reality, most of the time our problems are too big to solve alone.  That is on purpose.  Jesus wants us to come to him.  “Come to me all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you refreshment.” ( Matthew 11:28).  Jesus wants to help us.  Where I have no power, no insight, no strength, no time, I can go to the One who has it all.  “All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to me”  (Matthew 28-18)

Lets pray:  “Jesus, please calm our hearts with the sure knowledge that you are in control.  Help us trust you as never before.  Help us know you are working in ways we cannot see, even in this dreadful situation.  Give us peace and a sense of Your Presence in our lives.  Jesus, I believe that you will change people and many things if asked.  I ask in your powerful name, Jesus.  Amen.”

I Want to Feel Jesus within me

April 26, 2019

Our relationship with Jesus is in many ways like a marriage.  We, however, expect it to be a honeymoon forever.  We may start our relationship with Jesus in a beautiful cloud of sweet emotions.  But just as in marriage, reality sets in.  This relationship is sometimes rocky–not like marriage where we are sometimes disappointed with our spouse, of course,–but the feelings of sweet love don’t last, and we are left to struggle with hard times.  At times like this, our faith is being tested.  What is faith, if it is not tested?  What is faith if there is no room to come to the end of ourselves and find that Jesus is there for us?  And how valuable is faith if we don’t hold on, believing the best about Jesus even when we aren’t experiencing all the beautiful, joyful feelings?  Our faith is a much greater gift to Jesus if we give it through sacrifice, without the comforting feelings of sweet emotion.  Faith doesn’t depend on feelings.  Faith is a decision to keep on believing and hoping, even when it is dark out there.  Feelings of the Presence of Jesus are a reward that come now and then, but like holidays, they aren’t the everyday experience.  Talk to Jesus about this.  Let him know you believe him.  Tell him you love and trust him.  Tell him you wish you could feel him more often.  He understands. Get in the habit of talking to him throughout the day, especially thanking Him.  You will find joy in that.