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Prayer for Someone who Needs to Forgive

May 7, 2018

“Dear Lord, _____needs help to forgive.  She wants to do what you taught us to do, to be like you and to follow you. Please give her the grace to be able to leave it all with you. Help her have the ability to relinquish all her rights in this situation to you, who is able to be both just and merciful to those who have hurt and wronged her. Help her relinquish herself to you, also, knowing you will work in her life for good, and that because she believes you and loves you, everything will work out for good for her. (Romans 8:28) Help her keep that attitude of surrender to you, and whenever she remembers the hurts and wrongs, she will give them back to you. Help her know you are completely trustworthy as a keeper of her heart.
We ask these things in the precious name of Jesus, knowing whatever we ask in that name will be answered. Amen.”