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Dogs and Heaven

January 22, 2009

I had a very naughty little dog once, and I loved her very much.  She was usually on my lap or on my bed, and was my constant companion.  However, one morning she got out and got into something really nasty.  She reeked and I gagged.  It was so bad I couldn’t bring her into the house.  I put her into her carrier and took her to the vet (by the back door!)  They were able to deodorize her, but it cost me quite a bit.  I was willing to pay the price because I loved my dog and I couldn’t wait till she was cleaned up  enough to come into the house with me.

Later as I reflected on what happened, I felt the Lord say “Your sin smells like that to me.  I could never let sin into my heaven.  I have to get rid of the odor first.  It cost me a great deal to do that.  It took the blood of my son to cleanse the odor of sin.  We paid the price because we love you and our other children and want you in our home.”

I had wondered why Jesus had to die.  Nothing else would do.  Nothing else would get rid of the stench of sin.  And God couldn’t let that smell into his perfect heaven anymore than I could let the smell of something dead into my house.  My dog could have run off when she saw me, not wanting a bath.  Then she would have been lost and I would have been heartbroken.  Just as I imagine God is heartbroken when a sinner runs from Him.

A Prayer for a Dog

March 27, 2008

When Nonni lost her little Tessie a couple of years ago, she wrote a prayer for the dog.  Not too bad a way to deal with grief, I think.

 “Lord, I know You loved all creation, even the animals.  It says so in the book of Job, and Jesus, you said the father feeds the sparrows and knows even when one falls out of its nest.  You made Tessie, knowing all along she would be my dog, and You loved her, as You love a single sparrow.  You have also promised that You have redeemed all creation and that the creation longs for the day when it will be freed from suffering and see the new Earth.  Lord, I know this isn’t a specific promise about Tessie, but she’s a part of the creation You have redeemed and loved.  So, Lord, I’ll trust you with Tessie’s fate, not because you’ve given us the complete answer about our pets, but because the more I’ve learned about Your character, the more I trust You.

I loved that dog too, and miss her still.