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Grace and the Lamp

July 16, 2009

This story was told to me by an old man when I was a young mother. 

 When he was a young boy, his mother had a treasured antique lamp that had been in her family for several generations.  It was always a house rule there was to be no rowdy playing in the house.  While alone in the house, the boy entertained himself by playing “fetch” with his dog by throwing a slipper.  One throw went astray, the lamp tipped, and ended up in pieces on the floor.  His heart sank, and he waited in dread for his mother’s return.

His mother came in, assessed the situation, and looked at the boy.  ” I did it”, he admitted, and cringed as he awaited her anger and his punishment.  “I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget” she said.  He cringed again.  “I could tell you about God’s grace” she said, “or I could show you how it works.  I forgive you.”  And she explained that grace costs the giver, and love doesn’t count the cost.  She hugged him then.  It was a lesson he would never forget.

The Demon and the Pigs

July 16, 2009

As word spread of Jesus driving the demons out of the madman and into the herd of pigs who ran off a cliff, the herdsmen begged Jesus to leave.  Never mind a tragic situation had been healed.  Never mind a miracle had been performed in their midst.  These people had lost their livelihood.  Even though they were dealing with unclean animals, income was more important to them than the obvious man of God in their midst.  What is my herd?  What is so important in my life I want Jesus to leave it alone?  Is it my job which means more to me thanserving God?  Is it my investments which I want untouched no matter the greater good?  Is it my faith in government to care for me, even if the government is acting in ways displeasing to God?  Is it a relationship, status, possessions?  Is it anything in which I find my security apart from God?