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Terror, Weakness and the Power of Heads of State

January 6, 2016

“…the Most High God dominates the kingdoms of men, and gives power to anyone he chooses.”  Daniel 4:25

Daniel was a slave, taken captive from his homeland to serve the conqueror, the king of Babylon.  Now, through Daniel the prophet, this same king is being told his kingdom was granted him by God, and unless he acknowledges God’s sovereignty, his kingdom can be taken away.

Later, Babylon does fall to the Medes and Persians, and the new kingdom releases its captives.  This too, according to Daniel, was an act of God on behalf of the captives, particularly the Israelites.

In many parts of the bible we read of leaders who served, unknowingly, to advance God’s purposes in the world.  Whether a leader acknowledges God or not, he or she serves at God’s pleasure.  God has used leaders to advance the cause of His people, to protect His people, and sometimes to punish His people.  Oftentimes bad leadership was a punishment for national sin.

Today, most Americans believe we are the strongest people in the world.  Some people believe we earned that place, and others believe we stole that place from the weak.  In either case, the hand of God in the affairs of our nation is not being acknowledged.  Since God is not recognized, as a nation America makes its decisions based on something other than pleasing God.  Americans reason for themselves what is the common good, what is the national interest, and lately, what is in the world’s interest.  As a consequence, many of its decisions are displeasing to God, in particular (my opinion) the decision to allow abortion on demand.   Whether or  not we believe in the God of the bible, any acknowledgment of God at all should tell us that God created life and it is His.  Any destruction of human life is inherently wrong, and we should just know that instinctively, if there is any God at all.  We should also instinctively know, just looking at the created order, that our sexual anarchy would be displeasing to God.  God created sex for the bearing and raising of children in a family .  Any sexual expression which departs from that is instinctively wrong.   If there is a God, He must be pretty unhappy with what we have made of His creation.  He must be pretty unhappy with the havoc we have wreaked on his non-human creation as well.

If we do believe in the God of the bible, we know He said “Do  not kill, for anyone who kills a man kills one made like God.”  He also said “God created them male and female and for this purpose a man leaves his mother and father and clings to his wife and the two shall become one.  And what God has joined together, let not man pull apart.”   He also gave humans the role of caring for the creation ” Increase and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it; you are masters of the fish and birds and all the animals.”  Clearly, we’ve done a poor job of all of this.

In the bible, when man became rebellious against God, punishment inevitably followed.  It often began slowly.  In some cases weak leadership was the punishment.  In other cases economic hardship, plagues, and finally war, destruction and captivity.  Americans seem to believe they are too strong to have an enemy rise against them, much less conquer them.  They think economic problems can be solved politically, and famine, plague and drought can be solved scientifically.  In the bible it says God laughs at puny man.  If the God of the bible is real, He may already be showing America its problems are too big for its government to solve.  Unless America acknowledges God’s sovereignty, it may have its government removed, it may be defeated, and it may lose its place in the world.