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Do not Judge

November 8, 2016

“Do not judge” is thrown at anyone in this culture who has the audacity to say anything is wrong.  We are not to judge what other people do.  Seemingly, right and wrong have been done away with, and to say anything at all is morally wrong marks one for the brand of ignorant, intolerant bigot.  Apparently right and wrong depend entirely on the person and the situation, and can change accordingly.

However, when it is thrown out that Jesus himself said “Do not judge”, there is a misunderstanding of what he meant.  It applied to passing judgment on persons–assuming to know their heart.  It was assuming the role of God that he was against.  He was not against saying certain acts were wrong.  Those who quote “Do not judge” miss the next point, which was “go and sin no more.”   He said “Does no one condemn you?”  And it was that, the condemnation, that Jesus was forbidding.  He wasn’t saying adultery was  not a sin, only that condemning another human being was not to be done.

It is interesting that people who claim there is no right or wrong but it all depends on the situation, find much is wrong when they become a victim.