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An Appointment with God

September 22, 2016

A lot of people say they don’t have time to pray or connect with God.  But they make appointments to meet with people.  Then they will ask–how can I connect with God?

To connect with God it helps to let Him talk with you.  One of my favorite ways to study the bible is to do a Red Word study.  In a lot of bibles, the words of Jesus are printed in red.  If I read a passage of Jesus’ words, then I can pray, asking Him what He is saying to me today–how do His words from 2000 years ago connect to my life?  What is he telling me?  What is He asking me to do?  Then I write down these thoughts where I can act upon them.  Sometimes it involves notes to myself in my planner.

The key to getting close to God is giving Him my time.  Just as a marriage can’t thrive when the couple are apart and not connecting, neither can any relationship thrive under those conditions, including my relationship with God.  I need an appointment with God in my planner.  Many people agree its good to give God a 30 minute appointment each day, and some like to give Him an hour.  The most important thing is to be consistent.  Just as I wouldn’t be a “no show” for a client or a friend, I need to never be a “no show” for God.  Some days things happen, but rather than skip my appointment, I need to reschedule it.  I need to get that appointment in that day even if it means staying up late to have that time before bed.

Time with God before bed is good.  Educators advise studying before sleep because what is learned is retained better when followed by sleep.  During sleep our brains cement in what we learned.  So, whatever God is saying to me and whatever I have determined to do in answer to Him will become cemented into my mind by sleep.

The important thing is to give time with God a priority, just as I give sleeping and eating priority.  I need certain things for my body’s health, and I need that time with God for my mental and spiritual health.

To my Heavenly Father

February 19, 2010

Lord, I was thinking about how it must break Your heart that so many of Your children ignore You.  I know how sad I would feel, if after giving my very best to my children, they would ignore me.  Yet I am often guilty of the same thing with You.  So often on busy days, I give up quality time with You.  This is the last thing I should do, when I wouldn’t have a life at all if it weren’t for You.  Not only that, but time with You, pouring out my thoughts and feelings, and then listening to You, fills me with peace.  Thank You Lord, for the gift of Yourself.  Thank You for having children and caring for them.  I wouldn’t exist if You had not done that.  Thank You that you never stop thinking about me even when I’m not thinking about You.

Abiding with Jesus

September 4, 2008

I came across this bible verse the other day, and it really struck me.

“I don’t want your sacrifices, I want your love.  I don’t want your offerings, I want you to know me.”  Hosea 6:6.

It really hit me that this is written for people who have our cultural values.  We value what we do so much, we almost make an idol out of our service for the Lord.  It is so peculiarly American.  Its as though we know intellectually that we are saved by God’s grace, through the blood of Jesus, but we still don’t want to get to heaven empty handed.  We want to carry with us all the things we did for Him.  I’m not saying He doesn’t love and appreciate our service for him or the acts of love we offer others, but I wonder if we don’t overvalue them.  This verse really makes me wonder.

When my mother was widowed, my brother made a point of visiting her every Saturday morning, and would do little chores she needed done.  In fact, he asked her to keep a list for him.  One day she told me, rather wistfully, “sometimes I wish he’d forget the list and just sit and talk to me for an hour.”  I wonder if God doesn’t feel the same way.  While He appreciates our service for Him, He most of all wants us to know Him.  We can do that through spending time with Him in prayer, reading His messages to us, and responding to what He is telling us.  That is what Christians have called “two way prayer” or “conversational prayer”.  I like to go into His presence and imagine him next to me (He is there, after all).  Then I apologize to Him if I need to.  I thank Him for all He’s done for me.  I tell Him about my current situation and ask His help for me and all the people I’m worried about.  Then I ask Him what He wants to tell me.  I read some passages of scripture and ask Him about them.  Then I journal the thoughts I am having after being quiet with Him awhile.  I guess thats applying the scriptures personally.  Thats the way I do it, but I’m sure there are as many ways to spend time with Him as there are people.  However, in this scripture it seems He values our time with Him very much.