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Temptation 2

March 28, 2016

While it is always best to run immediately from temptation, there are those rare circumstances when you can’t run.  Consider the Christians in orange jumpsuits, being held by ISIS with knives at their throats.  Their temptation was to renounce their faith to save their lives.  I truly believe an exceptional circumstance prompts exceptional grace from our God.  I have read, and believe it to be true, that those Christian men saw Christ and were crying out to Jesus while being killed.  I believe it to be true, because the account of Stephen’s stoning  in Acts 7 describes his seeing Christ in the air as he was being struck with the stones.  I believe the exceptional grace is that Christ reveals himself and takes his loved ones to his side quickly lest they suffer.


March 28, 2016

But remember this–the wrong desires that come into your life aren’t anything new and different.  Many others have faced exactly the same problems before you.  And no temptation is irresistible.  You can trust God to keep the temptation from becoming so strong that you can’t stand up against it, for he has promised this and will do what he says.  He will show you how to escape temptation’s power so that you can bear up patiently against it.    I Corinthians 10:13


After reading this, there just isn’t a whole lot I can say.   I think sometimes our problem isn’t that the temptation is so strong, but our own reluctance to walk away from it.  We stand there and consider it too long.  We are entertained by its possibilities.  We need to walk, no, run away from it.