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Another Reason to Believe in Creation

April 13, 2008

We hear all sorts of reasons to believe or disbelieve in creation.  One reason I believe in creation, is a reason that is rarely discussed.  I don’t personally think you can intellectually arrive at the knowledge of a creator.  Partly its because this creation is flawed by evil.  This isn’t the world the creator originally made—it’s the world after the evil one got hold of it, and did as much as he could to spoil it.  Even though flawed, it is still full of wonders.  But skeptics will point to the imperfections. 


The second reason I don’t think we can arrive at knowledge of a creator through our intellect, is I believe our intellects are unequal to the task.  We see what we see through science, but our view is mighty small.  Our minds are mighty small, and we will never, never know all there is to know about this universe.  Even what we think we understand we have to keep revising.


If God wanted finite humanity to know Him, and I believe He did, (just as I believe a mother who loses her child will never forget it and often make superhuman efforts to find it), God will have to make contact with the human race.  He did.


I once saw a billboard that said “Do I have to come down there.  God.”   He did.  Jesus claimed to be one with God, and backed it up with dozens and dozens (at least) of miracles, culminating in his own rising from the dead.  Some seemingly can’t believe, but the historic evidence for it is greater than for most history we have no trouble accepting.  Just because such a human being never happened before or since Jesus, doesn’t mean the things recorded about him aren’t true.  The people who wrote these accounts risked their lives for them.  The accounts are unbelievable if you think Jesus is an ordinary human. The accounts are believable if what Jesus said is true—that he is one with God.


Jesus talked about the creation as though he had no trouble at all accepting its validity.  So, in that sense it hinges on him.  If he is one with God, and talks about God creating what we see, I have no trouble accepting that God created it.


So, in my belief there’s some faith and some reason.  I see plenty of evidence for Jesus being who he said he was, that is the reason part.  I trust him with all I don’t see and all that I will never, at least in this life, understand.  That is the faith part.