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Prayer for Success

November 11, 2016

Father, we come before you because of what Jesus has done for us.  We ask that you would bless us in every way, but especially that you would bestow great spiritual blessings because we believe Jesus and claim him as our Lord.  Protect us from all evil and deliver us from any and all danger.  Do not allow us to be tempted harshly.  Please let us experience Your Presence in our lives, your goodness and your love.  Give us joy in reading your word the bible, and speak to us as we read, speaking words of encouragement and words of direction.  Place us securely on the path you have planned for us.  Give us work to do that fulfills the personality you have given us, and that allows us to develop and use all the gifts and abilities you have given us.  Let our work for you be successful, even if we don’t always see the results with our human eyes.  Let us be successful in your eyes.  May we make Jesus more loved than He was before we began.

Provide for all our needs as you promised when Jesus said “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added to you.”  You know we need food, clothing, shelter and transportation, as well as the specific materials required for the work you are calling us to do.  We thank you in advance Father, for we know you hear the cries of your children when they call to you, and you answer us in ways that are even greater than we ask for or even imagine.  We ask you these things in the name of Jesus, name above all names, most powerful name in all the universe.  Amen.