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The Letdown after Christmas

December 30, 2009

I imagine that this week many people are suffering a post Christmas letdown.  We let ourselves build up a sort of excitement, an anticipation that somehow this Christmas will be satisfying, and at the end of the day, something is still missing.  Not even Christmas satisfied us fully.

We humans are curious beings.  At some level, we know what we need, but we persist in chasing after something else for all the wrong reasons.  We are like desert dwellers who know we need water, yet persist in trying to get the biggest patch of sand.  The one with the most sand wins, and we are all still thirsty.

The only people who are truly satisfied at the end of Christmas are the ones who spent Christmas looking for the One whose birthday it is.  If we can celebrate His coming, thank Him for coming, and ask the one thing He delights in giving us, we will always be satisfied.  The one thing He delights in giving us is more of Himself.  If we go to bed on Christmas Eve asking Him to invade our minds and hearts as we sleep and truly change us to love Him more, we will be surprised at how different our Christmas will be.  Jesus himself is the water we need.  He said so.