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Environmental Damage and Spirituality

January 7, 2016

“There is no faithfulness, no kindness, no knowledge of God in your land.  You swear and lie and kill and steal and commit adultery.  There is violence everywhere with one murder after another.  That is why your land is not producing, it is filled with sadness, and all living things grow sick and die; the animals, the birds and even the fish begin to disappear.”  Hosea 4:2-3

People wonder why we have so many environmental problems, drought, crop disease, disease among the animals including bees, and weather disasters.  People try to lay the blame somewhere, and depending on their worldview, it may be overpopulation, pollution in the atmosphere, greedy corporations who mess up the natural order, or carbon production.  No one seems to question whether there is a spiritual connection.  When a country is full of crime and corruption, does not that country move far from God, and turn its back on God?  This doesn’t say God caused all the problems.  It could be that the country has moved far away from God’s blessing.  It may be like moving away from the source of sound and hearing it fade, moving away from the source of light and seeing things get darker, and moving out from under shelter beginning to feel the cold and rain.

God and the Earthquakes

March 1, 2010

Yesterday our pastor asked if we were “clapping for God”.  In other words, were we worshipful, appreciative, and grateful to God.  My first thought was all the questions people would ask about the recent earthquakes.  If we clap for God’s goodness and His beautiful creation, what can we say about the earthquakes?

Earthquakes can mean at least three things.  First, what if God is not completely good, at least as far as we can see?  Second, what if God is not all powerful?  Third, what if there is an evil power which God, for whatever reason, allows to exist?

Jesus taught there was indeed an evil power, in fact, an evil being.  He taught this evil  had definite limits put upon it; this evil  would eventually be defeated,  and we would be personally victorious over the evil power through the greater power of God.  Jesus taught that God is all good and all powerful, but lets evil live among the good, because there are purposes being worked which benefit the good.  Read his parable about the weeds and the wheat for a very profound picture of great eternal truth.

The end of the story has already been revealed.  God wins.  The outcome is already determined.  Yet, like being in the middle part of a three-part trilogy, we don’t yet see exactly how the end is all going to be accomplished.  Yet today, even living in the choke hold of the evil one, this earth still shows more than just a glimpse of the original beauty and power of the creator.  We can certainly worship God for what we do see in creation, even if it has been spoiled by the evil enemy, called Satan.

The climax of the story already occurred.  It happened 2000 years ago on a hill called Calvary where the price to be paid for restoration was paid by God Himself.  The price to redeem the universe from evil was determined in the counsels of the heavenlies, and the second person of the divinity stepped forward to pay it.  He became a human named Jesus and died the most horrendous death anyone can imagine, all for love.  I imagine the shock and surprise of  Satan, who never thought Jesus would go through with it to the death, and never thought God would love His world so much.

The verdict has been announced.  Satan is a defeated enemy.  But, we are still in that middle book of the trilogy, and the implementing of the verdict is still being carried out.  Even after the judicial imposition of a fine, an award or a sentence, the verdict must be carried out.  That is still happening in our universe.   The completion of the story, and the victory are in the third book of the trilogy.  Its been written, and God knows what is in it, for He is the author.  It is yet to be published for humankind.