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Internet Friends

December 30, 2009

Several of my younger friends have met their soul mates on the internet.  For them, the long process of getting to know each other had already taken place, and all that was left was meeting the person face to face.  For each of them, the face to face encounter was just a deeper experience of what they already knew, and they thoroughly enjoyed the day or evening spent together.  Although they greatly feared that first meeting, the fear was dispelled with the first mutual smile of recognition.

When we meet Jesus at our death, if we have had a relationship all along, our meeting will be the same thing.  We will look into the eyes of someone we have known all along.  There will be the thrill of recognition and the desire to never part again.  That is why it is so important to know Jesus now, in the spiritual realm, because those who don’t know Him will see Him in all His glory as someone to be greatly feared.  They will actually run away and want the caves to hide them, because to those who don’t know Him, awesome almighty God is terrifying to behold.