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How to have a Happy Christmas

December 18, 2016

  1.   Remember why you are celebrating.  Christmas celebrates God coming to earth in human form to be with us and to redeem us.  Without Christ, the reason to celebrate becomes obscure

  2. Be grateful.  There are so many things to be thankful for, from the beautiful gift of life itself to the people who make life worth living, the creature comforts we have, the abilities we have, and so on.  If we get nostalgic at Christmas, we can remember happy times of Christmas past and be grateful for those times.  Enjoy them again in memory.

  3. Remember people who are not happy or not blessed this Christmas.  Make it a project to do something special for someone else–an individual, a family, or be part of the Christmas plans of a church or social ministry.  Some people volunteer with the Salvation Army or go to a retirement community, a hospital or a shelter and bring some cheer.  You can even celebrate the 12 days of Christmas by doing an unexpected kindness or giving an unexpected gift to someone each day for 12 days.

  4. Remember happiness isn’t a goal, but happiness grows in the process of living your best life.