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Having a church home

February 28, 2008

I think the ninth most important thing in life is to have a church home.  The people in one’s church are extended family.  We take care of each other, and the things that go on in and because of churches, (which get absolutely no publicity outside the church), are the things that help people and communities survive.  However a lot of people will never know the help, encouragement and inspiration they could receive in a church.  They say “you will never catch me in a church, thats guaranteed!”

Here are the two main reasons I’ve heard why people don’t go to church.


  1. The people in church are all hypocrites.


What is the definition of a hypocrite?  A hypocrite is someone who doesn’t live up to the standards he professes.  If that’s true, then there are hypocrites outside the church as well as inside.  Many people in the professions have a standard of excellence they can’t always attain.  They wouldn’t think of themselves as hypocrites for holding high standards, nor, would most of the world think so either.  That derogatory application of the term only seems to apply to people in church.  Would you want your doctor to lower his standards so as to avoid being called a hypocrite?  Would you want your lawyer, pharmacist, teachers, or any other professional to lower their standards because they can’t always keep them?  Nonsense!  But most folks jump all over church people for holding out high standards, when they can’t perfectly keep them.  What is the alternative?  You see the alternative all the time.  A lot of people set their own standards, and make sure they only set standards they can always meet.  Such a person might say, “I’m a good person.  I’ve never murdered anyone.  I don’t abuse children or animals.  I help people when I feel the urge to do so.”  Of course, there are many other moral standards such a person could have, but they don’t.  They could also do a quite a bit more good if they didn’t mind being put out or making some sacrifices, but they don’t feel that’s necessary either.  Of course, such a person couldn’t be accused of hypocrisy because they don’t violate their rather simple standards, but then their reach doesn’t extend very far either.


  1. The preachers are all in it for the money, they disagree with one another, and the people in church are more troubled than the people outside the church.

 I decided it was foolish to go to the doctor anymore.  Most doctors are in it for the money, they disagree with one another, and the people in the doctor’s waiting room are sicker than the people out in the street.

Most people who complain about the people in church consider themselves to be better than “those church people”.  My prayer is that no one should refuse heaven because they can’t stand the people inside.