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God of the Dark Places

March 15, 2010

Sometimes I can hardly stand to read the news.  The wars, rumors of wars, crime, violence and hatred, make everything seem so black.  But it isn’t black to You, is it Lord?  Its as though we’re in a box and the lid is pulled over the top, making it dark for those of us living inside.  But outside the box its daylight and You can be seen.  You won’t let that lid stay on forever.  You’ve set the times for just how long You’ll allow things to stay the way they are.  And the timer is ticking down.

God in the Dark

February 14, 2010

“But O my soul, don’t be discouraged.  Don’t be upset.  Expect God to act!  For I know that I shall again have plenty of reason to praise Him for all that He will do” Ps 42:11

Today I am remembering how Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is like yeast–invisible until we see the effects much later, with the raising of the dough.  God seems to favor working in this way–slowly, painstakingly.  Jesus never hurried anywhere.  God also seems to work in the dark, at least as far as we are concerned.  I remember while teaching, that students occasionally asked questions that were way ahead of where the class “was”.  To answer the question properly, a lot of background would have to be covered first.  God is so far ahead of where we are.

Today I decided to thank God for being the yeast in the lives of His people, and in the history of His world.  Even when I can’t see anything happening with things for which I’ve prayed a long time, I have chosen to thank Him.  I will thank Him because I know He keeps His promises, and He has promised to hear us, to answer our prayers, and to do good for us always.  His timing will be perfect, and His work in our behalf will be perfect as well.

“For still the vision awaits its time; it hastens to the end–it will not lie.  If it seems slow, wait for it, it will surely come, it will not delay.  Habakkuk 2:3

Nothing is Happening Part 2

October 28, 2009

Once I prayed with great anguish:  “Lord, I’ve prayed and prayed for You to use me, and nothing is happening.”  The answer I received in my spirit was awesome.  I sensed the Lord saying to me:  “Child, are you willing to let me use you, even if I don’t reveal to you what I am doing?  If I use you mightily, in the dark so to speak, and you become aware of it, might you not become puffed up?  If you begin to think too highly of yourself, you may take over the work yourself and cease to be my servant.”

Mercy Ships

September 22, 2009

She was a young nurse just back from serving on board the Africa Mercy in Benin, West Africa.  She had left her job and home in the UK to travel to Africa earlier this year, and spent several weeks as a pediatric nurse on the ship.  She paid her own way to Africa, and paid crew fees (room and board) while serving.  What was her reward?  She saw young children with cleft lips and palates, children who are ostracized in their community, receive a new start in life.  She saw people with huge facial tumors receive the plastic surgery that would not only save them from a death by suffocation or starvation, but give them a new face and a new lease on life.  She saw those blinded by cataracts, either acquired or present from birth, receive sight.  Although she worked harder than ever before, and lived in crowded accommodations offering little privacy, she was so moved by what had happened during her tour of service, she is going back.  When I met her, she was taking further training and planning on serving an additional two years beginning with an outreach to Togo next year.  To see some remarkable pictures and read further stories, visit

In Winter

March 4, 2009

I have been praying a long time for a person who is very smart, talented, charming, and was at one time quite beautiful.  She has become bitter over her disappointment in life, depressed, angry, and seems to have little of her beauty left.  I pray for her daily, and my heart aches for what could be. 

I had a dream last night, and in my dream I was rubbing my hands over the stump of a rose bush.  There was not a trace of life left in it.  In my dream I heard God’s voice say: ” Can you believe in the roses inside?  When spring comes, the life will come back and this stump will once again bloom with beautiful fragrant roses”.   I understood, even though dreaming, this was God’s answer to my prayer for my friend.  I must have faith to believe roses are there in embryo form, although I can’t yet see them.  I have hope to believe  the life will come back, although I see no hint of it now.  I do know roses bloom every spring from lifeless twigs, and I do know God does bring renewal, to roses, to nature and to human souls.