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Hobby Lobby and the Government

January 2, 2013

What can you call a government that forces you to violate your conscience or be severely punished?  In the past, our government allowed for issues of conscience, in ways ranging from provisions for conscientious objectors in wartime, to provision of special diets.  Now, this administration is telling religious objectors that they must supply abortifacient drugs in their healthcare plans or face bankrupting fines.  In the past, religious objectors were not required to perform abortions.  In the past, taxpayer money was not used for abortion.  Now, suddenly, employers must provide abortion drugs.  Clearly, something happened.  The government has decided that what it decides is the “common good” pre-empts individual conscience.  This is a 180 turn from the thinking of the constitution’s writers.  They were descended from settlers who left their native lands, in many cases, in order to practice their religious beliefs and follow their consciences in freedom.  Freedom of conscience is the whole principle underlying first amendment freedom of religion.  What is happening to Hobby Lobby and 119 other employers is not only unconstitutional, but is showing this administration to be a tyrannical government.