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Mercy Ships

September 22, 2009

She was a young nurse just back from serving on board the Africa Mercy in Benin, West Africa.  She had left her job and home in the UK to travel to Africa earlier this year, and spent several weeks as a pediatric nurse on the ship.  She paid her own way to Africa, and paid crew fees (room and board) while serving.  What was her reward?  She saw young children with cleft lips and palates, children who are ostracized in their community, receive a new start in life.  She saw people with huge facial tumors receive the plastic surgery that would not only save them from a death by suffocation or starvation, but give them a new face and a new lease on life.  She saw those blinded by cataracts, either acquired or present from birth, receive sight.  Although she worked harder than ever before, and lived in crowded accommodations offering little privacy, she was so moved by what had happened during her tour of service, she is going back.  When I met her, she was taking further training and planning on serving an additional two years beginning with an outreach to Togo next year.  To see some remarkable pictures and read further stories, visit


A Fatal Disease

January 4, 2009

How can I pray for someone when the physician says their condition is terminal?  Should I just accept the physician’s diagnosis as true and pray for courage, comfort, an easy death, strength for the family etc?

I am going to pray for healing for this person.  First of all, the physician’s knowledge is human knowledge.  He is going by what usually happens.  Its the best he can do, and he is giving his best.  He believes in being honest, and I don’t blame him for that.  At the same time the physician isn’t the final authority.  I am reminded of the verse in the gospel of Matthew (Matt 28:18).  Right before Jesus tells his apostles to “go and make disciples in all nations”, he tells them “all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”

If I really believe what Jesus said in this quotation, then I have to accept that He is the final authority over my friend’s disease.  When I look at how Jesus treated disease, I am not aware of a case where he turned away anyone who came to him.  He didn’t even turn away the people who brought someone else to him.  And he cared.  He wept when his friend died because he identified with grief–even though he knew he was about to raise this person from the dead.

I am going to bring my friend to Jesus, and trust Jesus for a complete healing.  What will I do if my friend isn’t healed?  I will acknowledge I don’t know everything, yet Jesus knows all.  Jesus also can only choose what is ultimately best for my friend and everyone involved, and I may not be able to understand that option even if Jesus himself explained it to me.  My mind is human, not divine.

There is a sense in which we are all terminal anyway.  We all are going to die, its just a matter of when, and how, and how that all works out  is Jesus plan for us.  I believe its a perfect plan, but I could write another whole post of that subject.

Anyway, I am praying for complete healing for my friend, trusting in the ability, perfect knowledge and perfect goodness of Jesus.  Then I will leave my friend in the hands of Jesus.  There is no better place to be.

Miracles Part 2

November 25, 2008

I saw my second miracle when I was in college.  My dad had been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder and told he had less than a year to live.  One day the pain was so bad he asked God to have mercy and either take away the pain or take him home to heaven.  Immediately he felt a warm, vibrating energy pass through him and he felt an urge to urinate.  As black material passed from him, he sensed he was healed.  He lived another 14 years free of cancer.  He always said when it was time to leave this earth, he wanted to be in his favorite chair.  Thats how it happened.  He told Mom his head felt funny.  She went to get some aspirin, and when she returned, he was gone.