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What Makes Happiness

March 24, 2011

What makes happiness?

1.  Be a friend of God.  Talk to God.  Trust God.

2.  Be grateful.

3.  Love and give.  The fragrance remains on the hand that gives the rose.

4.  Work toward goals that come from the heart.

5.  Learn new things and develop new skills.

6.  Make time to do things that bring enjoyment.

7.  Make time for people who bring joy.  Cultivate nourishing relationships.

8. Laugh.  Make a place for humor and share it.

9.  Capitalize on strengths and talents.

10.  Put beauty in life.

11.  Establish boundaries.

12.  Recognize choices.

The Tunnel

February 17, 2010

A very old and dear lady once described the secret to living a long and happy life, which was to remember that life is a tunnel:

As we walk through the tunnel, gates close behind us, and we cannot turn back, so don’t look back either.  The things behind become darker and more blurred as we travel, and we never see them clearly again.  Don’t look back.

As we walk, we are limited in what we can carry, therefore carry only the best.  Carry the very best memories, carry those lessons learned that have made us better people, but never carry negative memories or negative lessons.  These are too heavy, and keep us from carrying what can really help us on our journey and make it beautiful.  Carry only the treasures, but be sure to carry enough treasures to sustain you and be sure to look at them often.

In the tunnel are many doors.  Some are closed.  Don’t stop to look at them or wonder about them.  It only makes it harder to keep walking.  Some doors are open, but close as we approach them.  Don’t stop to look or wonder at them either, for every time you see a door close, another will open just a little further on.  When you see the door open with the light on, go inside, for good things are waiting there.  Stay as long as the light is on, and when it dims or darkens, move on, again taking what is precious from that room as a gift.

Keep on walking, even when you’re tired, even when you hurt, and when you stumble, get up and keep going.  Notice that there is always a glow ahead.  Looking at it, we feel encouraged.  Behind that glow lives the One who loves us most, and one day as we continue to travel forward, the light will suddenly become very bright, surround us completely, and we will find ourselves in the arms of Jesus.  Therefore keep your eyes on that glow, on the Unseen Presence, and trust in the Love who lives there.