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Careful What We Ask For

September 4, 2016

Listening to the wish lists being presented to the presidential candidates this year, they do seem large:  everything from free tuition and medical care, to guaranteed jobs and guaranteed annual income.  The government is supposed to act as arbiter in the great wealth distribution.  The wealth distribution idea sounds wonderful to the great mass who occupy the bottom half of the income scale.  However, we may have erred in choosing to make government our supreme judge and giver of necessities.  As is recorded in I Samuel 8 of the bible, the people wanted a government that would provide for their security–not a God whom they couldn’t see, much less control.  Somehow they thought they would get a better deal with a king and a king’s administration.  They were warned by the prophet that the king would confiscate their wealth in greater and greater amounts, instead rewarding his administrators and allies.  They would also give up their freedom and become slaves to the king.  And God let them have their wish.

This country looks to the government in the way our forefathers looked to God.  We expect government to provide endless security for us, to keep us safe from all threats, and to compensate us for anything that life would take from us.  God may very well turn us over to the government so we will experience what government can do.  We will be taxed more and more heavily, eventually becoming slaves to the government.  We will give up more and more freedom until we become slaves to an oligarchy consisting of government workers, whose main concern is protecting their privilege and making sure it is extended for the foreseeable future.

God Put it There

March 11, 2016

“There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power.”  Romans 13:1

Some people are very worried about what will happen to the country if Trump is president.  Some people are just as worried about what will happen to our national security of Hillary Clinton is in power.  Some people would feel less worried if their favorite candidate became president, but is any of the worry or lack of worry valid?

God is the one who puts some into leadership, and takes it from others.  All who serve in leadership, serve at God’s pleasure.  God could take any leader home in a day, and we saw that happen in our history i.e., Lincoln, Kennedy and others.  Instead, it seems God uses leaders to his own purposes.  He doesn’t need their cooperation at all.  He uses them, influences them, and has them act in ways that fulfill the greater plan he has for individual nations and the world.  We may not know what some of those scenarios were until the end of time, but we can be sure God won’t allow any leader to overshadow His leadership or interfere with His purposes.  Nothing catches God by surprise, no leader thwarts God, and while leaders may rebel, they will never succeed in overturning what God has established.

Hidden Taxes

September 13, 2009

I looked at my phone bill last week and wondered why it gets higher and higher as the months go by.  I scrutinized it further and found the actual service charge hadn’t increased, but the taxes on it had increased.  I added up all the different tax assessments added on top of the service charge.  I was amazed at the total.  Then I figured the percent of these taxes to the original charge and I am paying a whopping 17.85% tax on my phone bill!  Now I’m just a little granny, living in a condo, driving a 10 year old car.  I thought my taxes weren’t supposed to be going up.  Truth is, every time a business tax goes up, I the consumer pay the tax through the increased prices.  What would really be fun is to see what the taxes are for various bills I pay.  How much of my gasoline bill is taxes paid by the oil company.  How much of my electric bill is taxes the utilities have to pay.  How much of my grocery bill is taxes paid by the farmer, the trucking company, and the grocery chain.  And now that I know I’m paying more taxes than I ever realized, where is that money going?  Businesses are subject to audits by the IRS.  Charities are subject to audits by the IRS.  We the people are subject to audits by the IRS.  Why isn’t the government subject to an audit by some agency outside the government?  Thats one of the reforms I would like to see.

A Prayer About Healthcare

August 10, 2009

Lord, we know you are in control, and you influence kings and governors for your purposes.  We approach you at this significant time in our nation’s history and ask you to impress your thoughts on our congress as they make decisions about healthcare reform.  Open the eyes of our lawmakers to writings of our forefathers.  Let them consider the things that made this country great.  Please let their decisions be compassionate, let them honor and dignify all human life, let them give dignity to all persons and let them honor our human rights.  Don’t allow them to make government so strong over us that it becomes our god, for whenever government has taken the place of God, it has always become a cruel tyranny.

The Demon and the Pigs

July 16, 2009

As word spread of Jesus driving the demons out of the madman and into the herd of pigs who ran off a cliff, the herdsmen begged Jesus to leave.  Never mind a tragic situation had been healed.  Never mind a miracle had been performed in their midst.  These people had lost their livelihood.  Even though they were dealing with unclean animals, income was more important to them than the obvious man of God in their midst.  What is my herd?  What is so important in my life I want Jesus to leave it alone?  Is it my job which means more to me thanserving God?  Is it my investments which I want untouched no matter the greater good?  Is it my faith in government to care for me, even if the government is acting in ways displeasing to God?  Is it a relationship, status, possessions?  Is it anything in which I find my security apart from God?

Prayer for the Nation

March 2, 2009

I came across something I think is very appropriate for this time in history.  Peter Marshall was chaplain of the U.S. Senate at the end of World War II.  It was a very difficult time for the economy, with many people out of work, a huge national debt, and the nation trying to rebuild the destruction in Europe.  This could have been written today.  I hope our president is a man of prayer although I don’t see an indication of it.  I hope he is praying for the wisdom and character he needs to lead this nation.  Surely, we need to pray for him and for the country.

Prayers for the Nation by Senate chaplain Peter Marshall  1947-1949

Our Father, when we long for life without trials and work, without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.  With stout hearts may we see in every calamity an opportunity and not give way to the pessimist that sees in every opportunity a calamity.

Lord, when we are wrong, make us willing to change.  And when we are right, make us easy to live with.

Let us not be frightened by the problems that confront us, but rather give thee thanks that thou hast matched us with this hour.  May we resolve, God helping us, to be part of the answer, and not part of the problem.

Save us from hotheads that would lead us to act foolishly, and from cold feet that would keep us from acting at all.

Help us, our Father, to show other nations an America to imitate–not the America of loud music, self-seeking indulgence, and love of money, but the America that loves fair play, honest dealing, straight talk, real freedom, and faith in God.  Make us to see that it cannot be done as long as we are content to be coupon clippers on the original investment made by our forefathers.  Give us faith in God and love for our fellow men, that we may have something to deposit on which the young people of today can draw interest tomorrow.

Help us, O Lord, when we want to do the right thing, but know not what it is.  But help us most when we know perfectly well what we ought to do, and do not want to do it.

Lord Jesus, thou who art the way, the truth and the life, hear us as we pray for the truth that shall make men free.  Teach us that liberty is not only to be loved, but also to be lived.  Liberty is too precious a thing to be buried in books.  It costs too much to be hoarded.  Make us to see that our liberty is not the right to do as we please, but the opportunity to please to do what is right.

Deliver us, we pray thee, from the tyranny of trifles.  Teach us how to listen to the prompting of thy Spirit, and thus save us from floundering in indecision that wastes time, subtracts from our peace, divides our efficiency, and multiplies our troubles.”

National Day of Prayer: A Prayer for America

May 1, 2008

Father God, Lord of Heaven and Earth, on behalf of my country, I acknowledge your sovereignty over all things.  Even though a very vocal minority would like to remove Your Name and influence from everything American, we are still a nation who was founded upon reverence for You, our Creator.  The first settlers at Jamestown planted a cross to thank You for their safe arrival and to claim their discovery for the glory of God.  Just a few years later, long before we were a nation, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated at Berkeley Plantation to thank you for life and health and sustenance.  A few years later another Thanksgiving was celebrated in Massachusetts, again giving glory to You.  Our founding fathers based our Bill of Rights on the value and dignity of human life, stating this dignity was bestowed by You, our Creator.  And later, our currency was stamped “In God We Trust”.  Because of the heritage of our ancestors in honoring You, we approach your throne of grace and mercy today and ask You to hear our pleas for our nation.

Father, we have so many things for which to thank You.  You have blessed us beyond the wildest dreams of any nation in history.  You have given us a long period of peace within our borders.  You have given us wealth, learning, health and technology the world has never before seen.  We thank You, Father, for blessing us so much.  May we use Your blessings for the good of mankind and bring about praise to You for Your goodness.

Father, on behalf of my nation, I must confess our wrongs.  The greatest, by far, is ignoring You.  Not only are we ungrateful children, we misuse the gifts You’ve given us.  We’ve misused our wealth, our relationships and our bodies.  Awaken us to our wrongdoing and help us turn to what is good.  Father, I don’t even want to guess how many of us prayed to You today.  Most of us go about our business, failing to even acknowledge You, thinking instead that we are self-made people who got where we are by our own efforts.  Forgive us, Father, we really don’t know what we are doing.

Today, Father God, I lift America up to You.  I ask You for great spiritual blessings.  I ask You to grant us an awareness of who You are, and of how much You love us. Bring out the good in us Lord, as ONLY You can do.  Teach us to love You and to love each other.  Teach us to have wonder and respect for the mysteries of Your great creation.  Teach us to have child-like awe before You, and not to be arrogant, unteachable people.

Bless all those in public office.  Keep them honest and open.  Show them if they will only ask, You will give them the wisdom they need to make good decisions and the courage to follow through.  Bless all those in public service.  Help them to be people of integrity who serve with excellence, and keep them safe.

Bless husbands and wives.  Give them deep love for one another and devotion to their marriage.  Bless them with healthy children.  Give all parents wisdom and love for their children.  Help them understand their children’s needs and give those needs priority.  Help parents turn to You, the perfect Parent, for direction and strength.

Keep our nation safe.  Save us from wars and attacks.  Save us from succumbing to chaos and totalitarian government.  Save us from disaster, epidemics, civil disorder, economic collapse, political instability and all other pandemonia which have brought down nations in the past.  Save us from those who hate You.  Save us from those who serve false gods of any kind. Save us from our selfish, foolish selves.  Most of all, let us never forget what You said:  “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  Psalm 33:12