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What God Needs

November 8, 2015

“the Lord does not depend on weapons to fulfill His plans–He works without regard to human means!”  I Samuel 17:47

We all limit God.  We think certain conditions have to be there for God to answer a prayer.  We think we must have certain gifts before God can use us.  We think there has to be a certain amount of money for things to happen and we pray for the money.  We think we need the government for us to feel secure.  We think a lot of things have to be in place for God to make something happen.  But God needs—NOTHING!   God spoke and the universe was created out of—nothing!   God came as a man, Jesus, with a human body–and born of a virgin. Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead with–nothing.  Jesus fed 5000 people with a few bread rolls and a couple fish.  He fed 7000 later with the same kind of meager scraps.  And Jesus has always used the nobodys of this world to accomplish great things for Him.  In fact, He prefers it that way.  Proud people tend to get in the way.  The kings of the world are used–yes USED–without their knowledge, to accomplish God’s purposes.  God raises and fells rulers, nations and cultures.  God births and destroys as He sees fit–everything from stars to demonic spirits.  God needs no conditions, no set of circumstances, no materials, nothing.  Yet, He loves human beings.  He does not need us, but He wants us.  Humbling.  Amazing.  Tremendous, wonderful Love.

A Tool in the Hands of God

February 17, 2010

Mother Teresa used to say “I’m just a tool in the hand of God.”  As true as this is, our understanding of what it means deepens with our spiritual maturity.  Young believers look at a completed work and think “Look at what God helped me do”.  With more years of experience the same believer says “God used me to do this” all the while thinking “He chose me because I was the most uniquely gifted for the job.”  In that thought is a tiny bit of pride that God’s choice to use them made them somehow superior to others who may also have been considered.  Many more years with the Lord makes the believer think “God chose me for this job although I was totally helpless to do it myself.  That way His power alone would carry me and there would be no doubt that this work was God’s doing.  To God be the glory!”