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“Gods Will”

February 17, 2010

A friend lost her husband this month and someone said “God’s will.”  Another person has cancer and may die of it and someone says “Maybe thats God’s will.”  And so I realize that for me “God’s will” has taken on a very negative sound.  I sure don’t want God’s will in my life.  But what am I saying?

I think of my own parenthood.  I think of Christmas morning and how I enjoyed the delight in my children’s faces when they opened something they really wanted .  I wouldn’t give them coupons for braces for their teeth, glasses, orthopedic shoes and medical procedures.  Oh yes, I’ve given them all these things too, because they were necessary.  But it was hard for me, and I held them and helped them through it.  My real joy was giving them things to delight them.  If thats true for me, how very much more it must be true for God.  How He must enjoy delighting his children.  How He must enjoy delighting me.

The Demon and the Pigs

July 16, 2009

As word spread of Jesus driving the demons out of the madman and into the herd of pigs who ran off a cliff, the herdsmen begged Jesus to leave.  Never mind a tragic situation had been healed.  Never mind a miracle had been performed in their midst.  These people had lost their livelihood.  Even though they were dealing with unclean animals, income was more important to them than the obvious man of God in their midst.  What is my herd?  What is so important in my life I want Jesus to leave it alone?  Is it my job which means more to me thanserving God?  Is it my investments which I want untouched no matter the greater good?  Is it my faith in government to care for me, even if the government is acting in ways displeasing to God?  Is it a relationship, status, possessions?  Is it anything in which I find my security apart from God?

God and my Stuff

January 22, 2009

I heard a challenge in a sermon recently.  Would I let God re-arrange my stuff.  Wow!  I never liked ANYONE touching my stuff.  I would scarcely let my dear husband into the kitchen.  He surely better not be rearranging it!  I never wanted my crafts, my desk, my closet or my dresser touched by anyone else.  My mess was my mess.  At least I knew where things were and I had control.  OK God, I prayed.  Just tell me whats wrong with my stuff and I’ll re-arrange it myself.  The answer I thought I heard from God really startled me.  “Whose stuff is it anyway?”

Is There a Limit to my Faith?

September 2, 2008

Someone asked if there was any limit to my faith.  Is there ever a time when I would say “no” to something God asked me to do?

God doesn’t contradict himself. Therefore, if God asks me to do something which contradicts His revealed will (the bible), it can’t be God I’m hearing. When Abraham was asked to sacrifice His Son, the Ten Commandments had not yet been given, and “Thou Shalt Not Kill” hadn’t yet been uttered. There’s also evidence Abraham knew God could raise the dead, (Hebrews 11:17-19) and that God could provide another offering. Abraham knew God had already said “It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned (Gen 21:12) He fully understood this was a test of his trust in God, and not the command to do something evil. He believed if he tried to kill Isaac, God wouldn’t let Him die, for God had already made promises about Isaac’s future.

So, to answer your question, if I think God is asking me to do something against His revealed will, then I must be hearing another voice.

On the other hand, God may indeed ask me to do something that doesn’t make practical sense. Look at all the missionaries bringing hope, help and healing to places with truly awful living conditions, and they have to beg for financial support to even get there, and they live without income or savings sometimes for years and years, sometimes getting malaria or some other dread disease. And they don’t doubt God asked them to go there, and helps them survive and serve. However, God has revealed often in His word how he desires to see sacrificial love for others in his followers.