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God and Sex

April 21, 2009

These two words seem odd being used together, but think about it.  Either God made sex or he didn’t.  If God made sex, and there’s every indication of design in the sexes and reproduction, then sex has a purpose.  The creation account says “God made humankind in His image.  Male and Female He made them.”   It doesn’t take a genius to understand that male and female are made for each other, their bodies are made for the sexual act, and out of that comes the continuation of the human race.  It would seem the purpose in the creator’s mind is family making.  If one acknowledges this truly amazing wonder has to be more than some kind of blind chance occurrence, then one must conclude that God has plans and cares about His  purposes.  All other alternatives to family thwart his plans, whether it be artificial sex between same sex partners, the use and abuse of persons seen in all kinds of degrading sex, or the destruction of human life following human conception. If we humans say “my body”, “my life”, “my rights”, we ignore the wishes of the Creator in favor of our self satisfaction, and become either idolators who worship at the altar of self (“I decide whats right for me”) or functional, practical atheists.