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Feminism and Surrogacy

March 7, 2014

Why aren’t feminists screaming about surrogacy.  Here you have a woman who puts her life on the line, goes through intense physical and emotional experiences, and then is supposed to give up her baby and cut all ties to it.  Whatever she is paid is a pittance compared to what she has given.   If she doesn’t know what she will go through, then she is being used.  If she knows what she will go through, she has to be desperately in need of the money, and is still being used.  For a woman to do this, no matter the reason the adoptive parents give, is to allow oneself to be used and abused.  It is such a misuse of a female human being, I am just surprised the feminists aren’t marching in the streets opposing this.  Is it because it is in conflict with their higher priority view that gender doesn’t matter?  And genderless marriage requires the rental of wombs and the sale of babies, sperm and eggs.