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Good Friday

April 2, 2010

In the courts of the heavenlies, past the realm of time and in eternity, the Godhead sat enthroned, surrounded by thousands of angels.  These were the angels who had remained loyal after the great rebellion.  The angels were highly intelligent, highly sensitive creatures, who could have forgotten their place and fancied themselves as equals to God.  In fact a third of them did just that very thing, and were cast from heaven along with their leader, an angel named Lucifer.  Only Lucifer could still, at times, approach the throne of God when God allowed him to speak. 

The Godhead had created a cosmos.  It contained 300 billion galaxies, and in one of the galaxies, in a tiny solar system near the edge, on a tiny planet, the Godhead had created life.  There was vegetation, all kinds of animal, bird and reptile life, and an awesome creation called man.  The man was created plural, as the Godhead is.  Man had his mate, called woman.  God shared his life with the man and woman.  He walked and spoke with them in a way they could understand.  He made them a little lower than the angels, not so intelligent as the angels, and not so sensitive, yet intelligent enough that God could have partnership with them.  Yet, the man and woman had also rebelled against God.  They believed a lie of Lucifer instead of the truth of God, to whom they owed everything.  Why?  The lie was enticing.  They could become equal to God–the very thing Lucifer had tried to do.  Lucifer, who had spat out the words to his creator: “I will not serve you”, now tried to recruit followers and had been successful.  

The thousands of loyal angels were watching.  The rebellious angels had been driven from the heavenlies and from God’s presence.  What would God do to the man and woman?  Justice demanded the same treatment for the man and woman, spiritual death, unless justice could be satisfied in some other way.  The second person of the Godhead offered himself in place of the man and woman.     He would become human as they were, and enter life on the earth.  He would taste death so they would never have to.  The angels were satisfied and praised God for His great love, justice and mercy.  But Lucifer, now called Satan, wasn’t satisfied.  He hated God and he hated the humans.  He stepped forward and described the crucifixion.  It was a horrifying thing, and the gasp echoed through the courts of heaven.  It was satanically inspired cruelty.  And Satan threw down the challenge.  “You would never love them that much!”  The second person of the Godhead answered, “my love is infinite.  I will do this.  I will go.”  And he did go, as Jesus, all the way to the cross and endured it in all its hideousness.  It was literally the worst Satan could have devised.  Jesus died, so we will never have to experience death.  And the Father showed His acceptance.  The veil of the temple, which had always separated man and God was split in two from the top down.  Jesus was raised from death on Easter morning, and is now seated at the right hand of the Father to rule and reign over all the creation.  And Lucifer, now called Satan, lost.  He still wanders the earth, trying to deceive humans through pride (you are divine) or through lies about God’s character (God doesn’t exist, God doesn’t care, God doesn’t love you).  But Satan has lost the war.  Whatever he says can be refuted by God’s people using God’s words.  And he no longer has any power to harm us without our permission.  So, arise dear soul.   God won, and so have we.  Live for God’s glory and bask in His Love.

He is Risen: Six Reasons to Believe

March 23, 2008

1.  If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, and the apostles knew it, the movement would have ended.   The successive waves of persecution for the early church lasted over 300 years.  There was everything to lose and nothing to gain for a Christian those first few centuries–hardly fertile ground for a religion, unless the members believed the truth of it.

2.  Matthew 28: 1-15 states the guards at the tomb took the story of a resurrection to the Pharisees.  The Pharisees paid the guards to circulate the story that Jesus body was stolen while they slept, while the leaders would keep them out of trouble (execution).  From this I can deduce that the body of Jesus was missing.  Since guards paid with their lives if something untoward happened on their watch, I would expect them to have their eyes glued open.   They were awake and certainly didn’t let the apostles steal the body under their noses.  I have always wondered–if they were asleep, how could they know what happened? 

3.  Even today the tomb is empty.  The body was never found.

4.  There are no writings from that time period disputing the Resurrection of Jesus.

5.  There are multiple testimonies from the period which could have been refuted by others who lived during that time.  The statement is made that more than 500 people saw him.  They touched him physically.

6.  The disciples risked their lives to spread the message of the resurrection, something they wouldn’t have done for something they knew to be a lie.  People will die for something they know to be true (or believe to be true).  They won’t willingly die for a lie.

 Someone facetiously asked me how many people claim to have seen Elvis.  Thats different.  There are no penalties for that claim.  If people had to pay with their lives for the claim of having seen a resurrected Elvis, that movement would die in a hurry.  See reason #1 above.

 Happy Easter!