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Decisions, decisions

December 6, 2009

Jesus helps those who are  helpless before Him.  When we have finally given up on ourselves, our strength, our ideas and our pride,  we let go and thats when we see His power at work.  The trouble is, a lot of us don’t have that kind of faith.  One of 3 things happen.  First, we don’t believe God will help us.  We believe He can, but we don’t believe He will.  Second, we really don’t want to totally depend on Him, and we keep a back door open, thinking we can come up with something ourselves.  Third, we ask Him for answers, and then don’t want to do what He reveals to us, so we keep asking, hoping to get another answer more to our liking.  If we really want His help, we have to let go once and for all and do it His way.  If we’re totally honest, we usually know exactly what that is;  we just don’t want to do it.  We’re scared, or we think we aren’t going to like it, or both.  To make room for God you have to clear the workbench of two occupants.  One is “I can’t do that”, and the other is ” I would never want to do that”.  Push those two occupants off the bench and God will have room to lay out His tools and begin to work.