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How can I stop worrying?

November 12, 2017

You asked the right person, for sure! I have always been an anxious person myself, but I’m doing immeasurably better than before. I have had to learn to change my thinking. Instead of trying to anticipate every bad thing that can happen and try to prepare for it, I have learned to think instead of trusting Jesus. Since I asked Jesus to be my savior, he lives in my life. His Holy Spirit lives within me. I know that nothing can happen that Jesus doesn’t know about and he already has it covered. He has ME covered. When I catch myself getting worried or scared, I offer a quick prayer and remember I am loved, I am protected, I am cared for. Its habit training to learn to think thoughts of confidence in Jesus instead of fear, and prayerful planning instead of worry. I have to rely on Jesus for everything–we all do. So I only need to do what Jesus directs–I don’t need to do his job or worry about whether he is paying attention. Looking at it that way, I can feel the peace of knowing its not my job to supervise Jesus.

Something else I did that helped me was to read the 4 gospels again. I just read the red words–the words of Jesus. Then I underlined every part that was a promise I could claim. Sometimes I just read those verses over and over. They became part of my thinking, and that helped.