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Debate Rules

March 6, 2014

I’m not sure when it happened, and perhaps it was in the 90’s, that debate about issues descended into name calling of the worst sort.  When debating one’s political opponent, it became a fine art to thoroughly insult the person, attributing the most vile motives to the person and setting up straw men that weren’t anywhere in the other person’s argument.  How can we have civil debate in this country unless we learn the first rule–etiquette.  We can debate when we stick to ideas and defend ideas.  We can attack our opponent’s ideas, but the twin tricks of sophisticated, nasty name calling and falsifying what one’s opponent actually said, would so quickly get one thrown off a high school debate team, I can’t help but wonder what has happened.  And why is no one calling out politicians about this?  We have become a coarse culture in our communication


December 2, 2009

Sometimes when traveling, my cell phone service is poor and cuts off on me.  Sometimes internet service is unavailable.  Sometimes I must not use the land line phone because someone is expecting a cell.

Thank you Lord, that your line is always available.  You are never busy and you never sleep.  I may talk to You day or night, from any location, and you are always listening.  Thank you for loving me that much.