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The Future

August 2, 2016

A number of pundits have predicted a rocky four years to come.  Everything is being predicted from an economic collapse, to war, to further terrorism, chaos, confusion, a breakdown of law and order, riots, corruption, and so on.

People who believe Jesus know that the way we have been living in this country in no way matches the picture He painted of God’s plan for us.  He also painted a picture of a cosmic battle of good and evil involving spirits and powers that are active yet unseen.  Many believe his predictions of the time of the end are coming true before our eyes.  If judgment falls in the next few years, it will fall first and hardest on our leader.  And I wonder, why would either Trump or Clinton want to be in that place?

Election 2016 part 2

July 31, 2016

I keep hearing dire predictions about what will happen if Clinton wins.  I keep hearing dire predictions about what will happen if Trump wins.  I hear how much someone hates one or the other of the candidates.  But in one sense, who occupies the White House doesn’t matter.  God will have His way with this country.

This doesn’t mean God won’t punish people who lie, destroy others, steal, and support moral wrong.  He will punish those who violate the natural moral law which has been around forever.  But despite all the evil and dysfunction, He will accomplish His purposes in the world.  Good people may suffer in the backwash of some of the evil things other people do.  People still get in the wrong place at the wrong time, and good people will be jailed and perhaps killed for being on the wrong side of the political winners.  At the same time, God is using all of it–all of it, to accomplish eventual, eternal good for those who love Him.  Rather than worry about who is in the White House, we ought to worry about whether we are part of God’s house.

Election 2016

July 31, 2016

“One of the most contested, controversial,dirty,ugly, (etc) elections in the history of the United States.”  We hear quotes like this daily.  This is truly one for the history books.  Trouble is:  no one likes either candidate much.  Yet what is truly amazing, is that people are still looking to politics and government for solutions to their own problems.  When will we ever learn?

Politics always gets ugly.  Politics always gets corrupt.  Politics is more about power than about helping people.  Politics always lines the pockets of the winners and their allies.  Politics has rarely solved anything.  People still have the audacity to hope that flawed human beings might force other flawed human beings might make their own lives better.  And they also hope they might win the lottery.

Ultimately what will make a difference is change on a small level across a wide spectrum.  When people all over the United States decide to do something to better themselves.  When families decide to help each other realize the goals of each member.  When neighborhoods pull together to better their common space, then things get better.  Its easier to petition a local city or county council to provide bus service to a neighborhood than to get the federal government to build more public transportation.  Its easier to start cleaning up one’s own neighborhood as a group of neighbors than it is to get a federal urban renewal project to do it.  Local programs are smaller, but more immediate, and often more wisely accomplished than that done on a big scale by outsiders who sometimes create new problems because they don’t know the local situation.

When change comes–a sea change, it will be the result of lots of individuals in lots of families in lots of neighborhoods pooling their talents, wisdom, know how, and goodwill to do good right where they are.  What will be the motivation?  In our past history it was love of God and love of neighbor–till we went back to the default “me ” setting and added politics to the mix.

God Trumps Politics

April 19, 2016

When all is said and done, no matter how you like or dislike the presidential candidates, Clinton, Sanders, Trump or Cruz, there is a sense in which it truly doesn’t matter who is in the White House.  While God may be pleased or displeased with our choices, God will have His way with this country.  He will hold us accountable for our motives when we vote, and hold the president accountable for his or her actions.  However, God won’t be held hostage by anyone.  God controls the affairs of nations, and those who defy Him do so to their detriment.  He will control and use rulers to do His bidding–many times without their knowledge that this is what is happening.  God is in control, and He will never forsake those who love Him.  That, truly, is our only hope.

God Put it There

March 11, 2016

“There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power.”  Romans 13:1

Some people are very worried about what will happen to the country if Trump is president.  Some people are just as worried about what will happen to our national security of Hillary Clinton is in power.  Some people would feel less worried if their favorite candidate became president, but is any of the worry or lack of worry valid?

God is the one who puts some into leadership, and takes it from others.  All who serve in leadership, serve at God’s pleasure.  God could take any leader home in a day, and we saw that happen in our history i.e., Lincoln, Kennedy and others.  Instead, it seems God uses leaders to his own purposes.  He doesn’t need their cooperation at all.  He uses them, influences them, and has them act in ways that fulfill the greater plan he has for individual nations and the world.  We may not know what some of those scenarios were until the end of time, but we can be sure God won’t allow any leader to overshadow His leadership or interfere with His purposes.  Nothing catches God by surprise, no leader thwarts God, and while leaders may rebel, they will never succeed in overturning what God has established.