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Agnostics and Honesty

April 21, 2009

Is there a God?  Lots of people who don’t want to commit themselves to either belief or atheism, will just say “I don’t know.”  Is this honest?  An interesting way to approach this question would be to ask “Do you live your life as if there is a God, or do you live your life as if there is not a God.”  An honest agnostic, who truly does not feel they know, at the present, whether God exists, would surely want to err on the side of what is right.  If indeed God exists, they would want to please Him, and would study nature, philosophy, and world religions trying to discover what God is like.  So, to avoid displeasing the possible God, they will seek out goodness and morality as far as their conscience reveals it to them, and keep searching for an answer to their question.  If indeed the person is not honest, and  is in fact a practical atheist, they will live their life for their own self-interest with never a concern for the existence of God, and they will not seek an answer to the question of God’s existence.