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The Obligation to Die

October 13, 2016

A Pro Life article in the National Review yesterday entitled “Doctors are wrong about Down’s Syndrome”, suggested there is great, almost extreme pressure on parents who learn their unborn child has Down’s Syndrome to abort that child.  The article goes on to suggest that before long insurance companies may refuse to insure Down’s Syndrome children, essentially forcing the parents into a financial catastrophe if they allow the child to be born.  Since the stated goal of the majority party in this country is a single payer, government medical insurance system, how long will it be before the right to abortion becomes forced abortion?

The article brought up to me the next logical step.  If we are forced to abort the disabled, will we be forced to assist the disabled and sick elderly to commit suicide?  And how long will it be before the right to suicide becomes the obligation to suicide and then forced suicide?  National Health Insurance in some other countries is now denying a whole host of available medical options to people above a given age, regardless of their state of health.  In fact, a system of quality points ( aging decreases quality points) determines who benefits from the limited healthcare available.  The fact an 80 year old may be thoughtful and productive means nothing if their age determines their quality points.  The one healthcare option available to the elderly is the “Liverpool Option”, in which an ailing person denied medical care is placed on a morphine drip and allowed to dehydrate to death–usually accomplished in hospice in several days.  Otherwise they may painfully die of their disease, their other option.

It is also possible that social security may be cut off at some arbitrary age.  An elderly person who is not disabled, but no longer considered employable may lose everything and then be forced to accept assisted suicide.  Of course, this would favor the powerful at the expense of the masses.

These are all things to consider.  We think they couldn’t happen, but there was a time in this country when abortion was not acceptable either.  Now we dismember viable fetuses and sell their parts.  When the standard is not that humans are valuable by virtue of being God’s creation, but humans are valuable according to their utility to the society, anything can happen.  The powerful decide who is valuable.

Abortion and Eugenics

April 19, 2016

One of the things you will never hear from Planned Parenthood is that their founder, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist who desired to keep the population of “undesirables” small.  She thought the poor and uneducated shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce in large numbers.  That could be the motivation today?  By far, the largest number of babies aborted by planned parenthood today are from poor mothers, and the majority are mothers of color.  Could it be that the “pro choice” crowd are really not that fond of the poor or people of color?

Abortion and Animals

February 16, 2016

Someone posted on Facebook today that being pro-choice doesn’t mean being pro-abortion.  It just means that someone else’s choice is none of my business.

Well, if I did to puppies what is done in a late term abortion, I would be in jail.  Could someone explain to me what is the difference?  It is not that unborn babies don’t feel pain–they do.

A monument to Self

August 22, 2015

The tower of babel was a proverbial “last straw” for the Lord, who confused the people’s language and caused them to become scattered.  People often wonder what that was really all about–the people were unified and working together.  Isn’t that sort of peace just what God would find pleasing?  Well, it wasn’t the peace that concerned God, it was something else.  One translation says it this way:  “The people who lived there began to talk about building a great city, with a temple-tower reaching to the skies–a proud, eternal monument to themselves”  (Genesis 11:4)

It wasn’t the unity of the people, and certainly  not peace, but it was their pride in their own accomplishments–a pride that found no place for God.  Human pride soon leads to catastrophic ends.  Humans who believe themselves to be utterly wise, soon undertake things they know too little about–to the detriment of humanity.  We have seen endless medical catastrophes undertaken by those who have too little understanding of the long term effects of what they are doing. The courts are full of malpractice cases, particularly against drug companies and medical supply companies.  What about the unleashing of atomic energy–what a double edged sword!  Endless examples exist not only from medicine and science, but social science experiments as well.  Look at what the “one child” policy has created in China, for example.

No, human pride in self apart from God is rebellion.  We need ask ourselves more than “why does God intervene?”  We need to ask ourselves how much of that human pride exists in our world, our country, and in ourselves.  We have decided we will determine for ourselves the meaning of everything–personhood (abortion), marriage (alternative marriage), life (euthanasia), gender ( politically correct gender bending, including 13 gender possibilities), rights (the silencing of anyone who offends anyone)  and on and on we go.  Does anyone care what God thinks?  Anyone??

Planned Parenthood and the Media

August 20, 2015

I found it interesting that as a student we were taught that the German people were complicit in the crimes of the Nazi regime because they failed to speak up against the atrocities.  What I now find interesting is that Americans fail to speak up about the atrocities of  Planned Parenthood.  In Germany, the people at least had fear of the secret police as an excuse.  In this country the most we can claim is fear of bullying and name calling.  However, one excuse that may be legitimate is that the mainstream news media is barely covering the Planned Parenthood scandal, possible crimes and atrocities.  You almost can’t fault the average busy American who just scans the headlines of their chosen news outlet.  They possibly haven’t even yet heard about the Planned Parenthood news.  Our mainstream media is a propaganda machine in the sense that it determines what Americans need to know about and what they do not need to hear.  Yesterday CNN spent over half an hour on the fall of the Subway former spokesperson.  Nothing of real national concern was mentioned during that half hour–not the possible threats to national security, nothing about possible government corruption, nothing about serious federal lawbreaking–just something they chose to be the subject of national debate.

Made in God’s image

August 17, 2015

“To kill a man is to kill one made like God”  Genesis 9:6

Why is abortion wrong?  Some would try to justify the practice by saying the fetus is not a person yet, or if women are going to do this anyway, we should provide a safe venue.  That is a very weak argument–akin to saying if someone is going to do evil, we should make it safe for them.  No, the reason abortion is wrong goes deep.  It goes right to the heart of God.  God made us, and made us in His Image.  This means each of us is very precious to God, made by Him, and with the likeness of Himself ingrained into us.  We belong to Him.  Therefore, no one could possibly have a “right” to abortion, because no human or institution can confer that right.  Each human life belongs to God, and no human can destroy what is God’s.  Just as no one has the right to kill our children, no one has the right to kill God’s children.

Abortion debates

August 21, 2012

People have asked my take on Akin, abortion and that whole argument.  I’m sorry, but I can’t have a rational debate on the pros and cons of abortion.  Let me tell you why…

When I was a young woman, a 21 year old nurse, I was assigned the job of basically cleaning up after abortion.  Part of my job was to account for the “remains”.  It was so horrible, grotesque, ugly and traumatic, I didn’t last long.  A big part of me wishes I had quit the first day.  I felt the guilt of even being associated with something so wrong.  To ask me to have a civilized debate about abortion is akin to asking troops responsible for the body bags to have a discussion about the theory of “just” war.  They just can’t do it.  I can see absolutely nothing good in abortion.  I admit there may be some hard cases where it is deemed necessary, but it is still bad.  Its like shooting someone coming at you with a knife.  You acted in self defense, but you can’t call the shooting good.  Neither can the person who has to take out the body. 

Ironically, about four years later I worked on the mental health unit and had as patients two of the abortion provider physicians.  They were being treated for suicidal depression. 

A Bitter Irony

January 19, 2012

I read an article yesterday about the state of Virginia’s concern over rats.  It seems rats are being transferred from Washington DC and relocated into Virginia, making them Virginia’s problem.  Washington DC, concerned with animal rights and right to life is now requiring all exterminators and pest control experts to have a “no kill” policy.  Rats must be captured along with their “families”, where possible and relocated to another place.  Since rats will return is relocated too close to their former home, they are taking the rats out of state into Virginia.

The irony is that Washington DC has the highest abortion rate in the nation.  Its abortion rate is three times the national average.  Its seems DC’s concern for rats lives doesn’t extend to babies.  Could it be that babies are deemed either more dangerous pests, or less worthy of life than rats?  Rats carry disease.  Newborns don’t.

Can a nation survive losing its young?

January 15, 2012

Its been said that one of the reasons Britain lost its greatness was the two generations it lost in war.  It simply couldn’t survive as an economic powerhouse with a significant loss of its younger population.  What would happen to a country that lost 15% of its population, especially if that population loss occurred solely among those younger than 40.  Could it survive the economic loss of energy, earning power, innovation, tax base, reproductive potential, and so on?  Its a good question to ask because the U.S. has now lost 15% of its population, solely the under 40 population.  Who knows what talent and what greatness was lost, and how even future generations will be affected.  We are an aging, topheavy economy, and the effect of that hasn’t been fully experienced yet.  The U.S. has aborted 50 million of its young.  No nation has ever even considered such a thing, and certainly hasn’t considered such a loss to be in its national interest.  This week we remember 39 years of Roe v Wade.  Something to pause and think about.

Dear President Obama

January 24, 2009
Dear President Obama,
I was deeply disappointed that you would lift the ban on funding overseas abortions.  I wish you would study what really happens during an abortion.  It is so grievously sad and tragic as well as cruel, what really happens.  I have personally seen abortions and aborted fetuses, and it totally changed my mind.  We can talk about “choice” all we want, but there are all kinds of choices, and people make the most horrendous choices every day.  God has given you so much power to do good.  Please think, pray and reconsider.