Why is my Prayer Not Being Answered?

When we ask Jesus for something, he always answers in one of three ways, Yes, Wait, or No. Whenever he says “no”, it is always, always because he desires to give us something better. When we become old, we can look back over our lives, at the twists and turns, and see how faithful Jesus has been in giving blessings–even though the outcome in many cases was something we never would have dreamed on our own. The jobs where we were laid off eventually ended in a totally different career path that proved very satisfying. The painful breakup was later followed up with meeting the spouse who proved to be totally “right”. Some painful situations such as death of a loved one, disability or the death of a dream brought us much closer to Jesus, and made us tenderhearted, compassionate people.

Sometimes Jesus is just saying “wait”. But the wait takes far longer than we ever dreamed. Some women wait 15 or 20 years for a spouse, but then are happily married. Some wait forever for children–and then find they have greater patience and capacity to give than they had when younger.

I can’t understand why Jesus has answered some of my prayers the way he has, and I’m sure you feel the same way. But can you begin to understand that all his work and his ways come out of perfect love for you. No matter what it takes or how long it takes, He wants to give you only the very best, because he loves you so much. I have an adopted daughter. It took five years of ups and downs and disappointments before we got a child. She asked me, once when she was older, why it took so long. Immediately I sensed the answer. “God was waiting for you to be born, because he meant us for each other.” If we had been given a child right away, it would have been a different child–not this one.




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