My Thoughts are Keeping Me in a Bad Place

I’m so glad to see that you know Jesus as your Savior. That is so wonderful. Jesus lives in your life and He will be with you forever (Matt 28:20) He will never leave you nor forsake you. (Heb 13:5) He is near as your breath, and you can talk to him about anything 24/7. The thoughts in your mind can come from a number of places. They can come from the Holy Spirit as inspiration. They can come from your own life–your world, your physical state, and so on. These are just normal thoughts. They can be suggested by other people–maybe or maybe not true or reliable. They can also come from the enemy (Satan and his demons) as temptation or oppression.

The wonderful thing is you can take these thoughts to Jesus and talk to him about them. You can, after talking to Jesus, decide to keep or perhaps act on the thoughts, or banish them. I saw a great tee shirt the other day. It said “Don’t Believe Everything You Feel”. That is so true. Sometimes Satan oppresses us with negative thoughts about ourselves–thoughts of failure, anger, hatred, self destruction, and so on. We don’t have to believe those feelings–they aren’t based on truth. They are propaganda from our enemy. Sometimes we keep feeling drawn to something we know is bad for us, or bad for someone else. We don’t have to do this thing. In fact, we should quit thinking about it. With Jesus help, we can banish the thought.

What you want to do is fill your mind with Jesus’ thoughts. Read the gospels until they become very familiar to you. Read the epistles for good, positive advice for Jesus’ followers. Just like you don’t want your room trashed because you never take out the garbage, clean up your mind too–every day. Trash the wrong, negative, angry, depressing thoughts, and fill up on the good ones.  Jesus own words, and good ideas.


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