I Can’t Find the Sinners Prayer in Scripture

I assume you mean a prayer asking God for forgiveness and asking Jesus into your life to be your Lord and Savior. No, you won’t find this kind of prayer with exact words in scripture, because there is no “formula” given by Jesus for asking forgiveness and salvation. However, if you read the gospel of John, you will find many occasions where Jesus offers forgiveness and salvation to whomever asks for it. The words are not important. The attitude of the heart is what matters, and Jesus knows our hearts. Anyone who through faith recognizes their sins and separation from God and wants to make that right through Jesus will be granted that salvation. I would encourage you to read chapters 5 and 6 of the gospel of John to see what Jesus is saying about coming to him, and the promises he makes to those who do come to him. Again, he gives no formula for the prayer–only believe and come. Read also John 8:34-36; 10:7-18; 14:6 and there are more, but this will give you the idea of why we come to Jesus to be made right with God.


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