I’m Old, and I’ve Just Asked Jesus to Save Me. Is it too Late?

You have made the decision to believe that Jesus is the Son of God who became human and died to pay the penalty for your sins. You believe that He rose to life again on the third day. You have repented to God for your sins, and received His forgiveness and promise of spending eternity in heaven with Him. That is so wonderful. Do you know that Jesus told us in Luke 15:10 that heaven rejoices whenever a sinner repents? That means that heaven is rejoicing over you! Another wonderful thing happened too. Jesus came into your life forever. He is close as your breath. The Holy Spirit lives in you.

Have you noticed yet that this doesn’t say anything about how old you are?  Jesus told a story about a man who had a vineyard and needed some people to work. Some came at daybreak, a little later, more came. Some came at noon, and some came an hour before day’s end. When the sun was going down, the man came out to pay the workers. He paid the last ones in first–a full days’ wage. He paid the same to each group. When the ones who had worked all day saw they were all paid the same, they asked why those who had worked only an hour were paid as much as they. The man said–you agreed to work for a wage. If I want to be kind to those who came late, don’t I have the right to do what I want with my money? Jesus was making the point that it is coming to Him that saves us–not how long we worked for him in life. It is faith in coming for forgiveness that saves.



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