How Can I Do What God Wants?

I would love to help you understand some things I learned, about doing what God wants. But first I want to tell you a story.  I once knew an elderly woman very well. Every Saturday her son came by to mow her lawn and do any heavy chores she could no longer do. Then he would give her a big kiss and he was off again. One day I was there and when her son left, she said: “I wish sometimes he would just forget the chores and just sit with me and visit awhile.”

That little scene made such a big impression on me because at the time I wanted badly to do great things for God. And then I realized God might want my company even more. So, I believe our relationship with God starts with prayer. Prayer doesn’t have to be formal. If we address our prayers to Jesus, we can just talk to him like we’d talk to our best friend–about whatever is on our mind. And if we address our prayers to the Father, I like to just picture myself on his lap as his child, and talk to him like a child talks to its daddy. In the bible it says we may call our Father “Abba” which is Aramaic for “Daddy”. Even if we didn’t have a father in our lives, we can imagine “Abba” as the daddy we always dreamed of–for he made us with that desire and those needs for a strong, protective daddy who can protect and care for us.

I have learned it isn’t so much about doing what God expects. Its doing what God has planned for the two of us to do together. The work begins with prayer. He puts wonderful ideas in our minds of how we can do good. Sometimes its an idea we never imagined we’d do, but with God’s help we accomplish something new. Sometimes its about helping a person, and the idea is exciting. God’s plans for us are always good and always lead us higher.



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