I Believe, But Sometimes I Doubt My Salvation

The New Testament tells us over and over that we are saved by grace, by believing in the promises of Jesus. You have said you believe Jesus died for your sins, and I trust you have repented of your sins and asked Jesus to be your Savior. In the end, it is not about what we do, not even about the prayer we prayed, but about a relationship. Relationships need to grow. It is very hard to trust someone you don’t know.

When you ask Jesus to be your Savior, he comes into your life forever. He is close as your breath. The Holy Spirit lives within you. God is working in you to make you more like Jesus. Your part in the process is to learn more about Jesus, talk with him all the time, and do what you know he is asking you to do.

You can start reading the bible with the New Testament, especially the Gospel of John. As you learn more about Jesus character, his love for you and his promises for you, you will naturally trust him more. Then, talk to Jesus, all the time, about everything. Ask his help, and don’t forget to thank him for his answers when they come. A lot of believers keep a journal. They write down their prayers and date them. As they see answers to their prayers, they can write a thank you by the prayer. These answers they see help them to trust Jesus more and more. Then, do what Jesus is asking you to do. Is there something you are putting off? Is there something you need to get rid of in your life, and you are hanging on? Do that–it will clear your conscience and give you peace in that area.

Ultimately, doubt comes from the devil. He will put ideas into your mind like “Did you really say the right words when you prayed the prayer?” “Did you mean what you said?” “Did Jesus really say…..?” Just tell him to get lost. You have a relationship with Jesus, you are trusting Him (not yourself), and our relationship depends on the faithfulness of Jesus more than ours. Then whenever you realize you’ve sinned, confess it “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (I John 1:9) and move on. Jesus is holding onto you!



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