Why Don’t I Feel Close to Jesus?


Closeness to Jesus is more than praying a prayer. It is beginning a relationship. As in any relationship, you want to get to know who it is in the boat with you. You can read about Jesus in the gospels and epistles of the bible. He was really here on this earth, and he had real teachings, thoughts, emotions, promises. Read what he did and see that he backed up everything he claimed to be. Do you believe him? Are you willing to get in the boat with him and trust where he takes you? Will you stay with him?

When you are ready to commit to Jesus, you have to repent of going your own way instead of his way. Just like in marriage, you have to give up the old loves. You have to give up everyone and everything that is offensive to Jesus. That is what repentance means. Many people wonder why they don’t feel close to Jesus, and it is because too much is sitting in the room between them. I have no way of knowing what he is asking you to leave behind, but everyone is asked to leave something. You can’t have one foot in the relationship, and one foot carrying on another life outside the relationship. You can’t feel close to a spouse that way, and you can’t feel close to Jesus that way.

You have to communicate. It is an amazing thing, but when you start talking to Jesus with real honest communication, things happen. Things happen in your life that changes things for the better, you have thoughts you never had, people come into your life you didn’t know before, and you begin to know the power of this new relationship. So talk to Jesus all the time. If you’ve asked him into your life as Savior, he comes in forever. His Holy Spirit dwells within. Jesus accepts you just as you are, but he loves you too much to leave your life with the dull, colorless spirit it had before.

Yes, it’s so much more than a prayer. Its a lifelong relationship of commitment, love, and working together with an invisible but very present and powerful partner.


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