How do I Know if the Favorable Signs I see are from God?

This is a very good question. It sounds like you are seeking God’s will, and that is a good and holy thing to do–it pleases God very much that you seek his ways instead of preferring your own way. So, perhaps the question could also include “How can I know God’s will? and How does God reveal His will?”

The signs you are seeing in your life might be from God, or they might come from you, or they could even be coming from Satan. Where are the signs leading you and how are they making you feel? If signs are coming from God, they will always lead you to things that agree with what God has already told us in scripture. They will lead you to feel enthusiasm for God, love for God and others, joy, and a peacefulness. If you want to do something really badly and you are looking for signs that God agrees, you are likely to find the things you want to do are things that would benefit you rather than drawing you closer to God and desiring to give of yourself to God and others in a sacrificial way. If the signs are from Satan, they will be leading you to actual sin, and you will be aggressive about having whatever it is.

If the signs are pointing you closer to Jesus, leading you to do loving, giving, self-sacrificial things that don’t build ego, then this is probably from God, and you can thank him for the confirmation.

Its also good to talk to a pastor if you are making life decisions.


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