How Can I Feel the Presence of Jesus?


We do know that Jesus hears our prayers. We have those promises all through the New Testament. The Holy Spirit is within us, and even when we don’t know how to pray, He prays for us. (Romans 8:26-27). We are also told that Jesus is interceding with the Father for us. (Romans 8:34 and other places).

What we all want and desire is to feel the Presence of Jesus with us. We want an emotional experience of joy, peace, and love. Sometimes we do not feel much, and that is why our faith in Jesus is faith. Emotions are fleeting and dependent on many things like our daily circumstances and even our physical health. Some of the very great believers of the past had periods they called the “dark night of the soul” when Jesus seemed to be gone and they felt their prayers weren’t being heard. Mother Teresa wrote about such a time in her later life. But we believe what Jesus told us, we believe his character, we believe he was who he said he was. In these times, we can strengthen our faith with reading the gospels over again and continuing to talk to Jesus. We know what we know is true, even if we feel very flat and blah. He will reward our exercising of our faith when it is harder to do so.

Even our human relationships have their ups and downs. Some days we really feel close to some people and some days we don’t feel they hear us or “get” us. We may not hear from some people for a long time and assume they no longer care about us. Of course, Jesus never forgets us–never. But the fact we aren’t feeling the warmth has nothing to do with his love for us which is unchanging.

I can assure you I have had those times in my own life more than once. But Jesus is so faithful. When I look back, I can often see where He was caring for me and working things out for good. I can remember those times in the next “dark” stretch.



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