I Just Asked Jesus to be my Savior, What Do I Do Now?

You have repented of your sin and asked Jesus into your life as your Savior. That is wonderful news. When you ask Jesus in, He forgives you, gives you the gift of Salvation, the promise of eternal life, and he comes into your life forever. He will never leave you nor forsake you. The Holy Spirit is within you and will help you understand everything Jesus teaches.

What you want to do is get to know Jesus better and begin to walk with Him. You can do three things to accomplish this:

First, you can start reading about the things Jesus taught. The gospels and epistles will help you understand what is important to Jesus, what he wants, and what he promises you.

Second, you can start praying often. It doesn’t have to be formal or complicated. Just talk to Jesus honestly about what is on your mind, ask his help and ask his forgiveness when you mess up. Don’t forget to thank him for all he has done for you and for answers to prayer when they come.

Third, you can join with a fellowship of other believers. You can join a bible believing church, bible study or small group. We learn from others, we encourage and help each other, and we pray for each other. This is our spiritual family, and it is often closer than our blood family.



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