Does the Eclipse of the Sun Mean the End is Near?

Does the eclipse of the sun mean its near the end of the world?

Jesus himself said many things about the time of the end. You can read what he said in Matthew 24; Luke 17:20-37; and Luke 21. He doesn’t specifically mention an eclipse, but does mention signs in the heavens.

Does tomorrow’s eclipse have any special meaning? I am not aware of anything in the bible that specifically says that. As far as the End Times, we should always stay alert, ready for Jesus to come as a “Thief in the Night”. If we always stay ready for Him, confessing our sins, staying in prayer, staying busy doing the work Jesus gave us, we will not only be ready for his final coming, but ready in case he suddenly comes for each of us at the end of our life. We all know that any day could be our last–and that is the end of our life on earth for us as individuals.

Jesus has made us several promises for uncertain times: Hebrews 13:5 says “I will never leave you nor forsake you” and Matthew 28:20 says “I am with you always”
We won’t go through anything alone–Jesus is with us, as near as our breath.


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