In Times of Trouble


“Dear Lord, ________ is going through a tough time. It is so difficult, she has trouble focusing on You because the difficulties clamor for her attention. I do not know what the troubles are, but you know them intimately, Lord. Guard and protect _______, and protect her mind. Help her know you have a hold on her and you will never let her go. You won’t let her problems overwhelm her, just as you didn’t let the boat sink in the storm when you walked the earth. Let her know you are with her and because she has asked you to be her Savior, you will save her from anything that would destroy her. Remind her that your spirit is within her. We ask these things in the name of Jesus, the most powerful name in all the universe. Amen.”

It helps to read God’s promises to you in your bible. Dr. Billy Graham recommends you start with the Gospel of John. Then read the rest of the New Testament. It might also help to get a copy of a little devotional book of bible promises, such as “Precious Bible Promises” or “Keep Calm and Carry On”. You can also underline bible verses that comfort you and go back and read them over and over. Here are some I love:
Romans 8:37
Matt 28:20
John 14:13,14
Rom 12:12
Ps 42:11
Ps 34:19
Heb 13:5
Deut 33:27
Jer 29:11
Heb 11:1
Rom 8:28
Isaiah 41:13

Hope these help restore your confidence. God is on your side. He has your back.



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