How to Get Stronger in the Lord

For hundreds of years, the way to get stronger in the Lord has been based on three practices. The first, is to get to know Him by studying, praying over and becoming familiar with the bible. Dr. Billy Graham recommends starting with the gospel of John in the New Testament. I recommend continuing in your reading with the rest of the New Testament, and then the Old Testament in the order it is written. There are many places where you will have questions about what you read. You may ask them here, but if you have a study bible, the footnotes will likely be a big help to you.
The second practice is frequent prayer. Prayer doesn’t have to be formal or religious. If you have asked Jesus into your life, He has come in forever. His spirit is in you. You can just talk to him about whatever is on your mind. You can talk to him silently because he hears your thoughts. You can ask his help, ask his forgiveness, ask help for others, and just tell him whatever is on your mind and heart. Don’t forget to thank him for his answers when they come.
The third practice is to fellowship with other believers. A lot of churches are doing small groups, and this is a great way to ask your questions and get help and encouragement from people who have walked with Jesus longer. You can also join a church or bible study. In any of those settings, you will find help for yourself and opportunities to serve God by helping others as well.


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