Hearing Jesus Voice

Most people don’t hear Jesus speak with a voice you actually hear with your ears, although occasionally some do. Most often, Jesus puts ideas into our mind as a result of our talking with him. It is a wonderful thing to talk to Jesus in your mind as though you were talking to a best friend. It is a beautiful, honest way to pray. Often, as you do this, thoughts will come into your mind about something you should do, or something you should say to someone, or just an encouraging thought for yourself. The trouble is: we often have a lot of thoughts running through our minds that come from ourselves, or even occasionally, temptations. How do we know when an idea or thought is from Jesus, or when is it just something we thought up ourselves?

One very good way to grow as a follower of Jesus is just get to know him better. You can do it by reading the gospels first, which contain his teachings, his thoughts and his promises. You can then read the epistles where his first followers wrote what they learned from and about Jesus. These help you know Jesus. Then, just as you would be able to say “That sounds like something my mom would say” because you know her so well, you can tell whether something sounds like Jesus. And if you aren’t sure Jesus is telling you something, ask Him. Sometimes you will see a bible verse that answers the question for you, or you may see a favorable circumstance in your life that seems to point to your doing that which you’re questioning. For instance, if you’re asking Jesus about which of two colleges you should attend and one offers a scholarship, that might be an example of a favorable circumstance. Don’t forget to ask trusted believers for their opinion too. And Jesus won’t let you go wrong if your desire is to please Him. If you honestly start off the wrong way, He will intervene and change things.



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